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We only import the miners from direct sources, most are from Shenzhen.


We keep our team at a minimal scale to benefit customer on costs.


We store miners in domestic sites for fast & secure transactions.

Who we are: We are US based seller with strong relationship with up-stream manufacturers. We started selling on eBay and Amazon since 2015 and keeping records of 100% positive feedbacks.

What we provide: We sell the most reputable crypto miner brands with domestic inventory.

Who is our customer: The majority of our customers are experienced and scaled miners who are looking for a reliable source to upgrade/scale their farms.

Why we are in this industry: Since 2020, we have been working with some largest distributors in the globe, to help them handle domestic storage & shipping, for securely and timely order delivery. As the time move on, we realized that having a minimal-scale domestic team is essential for building up trust and improving security, because there is significant time gap between funding and delivering if customer buy internationally. We believe that our position as a minimal-scale domestic distributor, we can save time for local miners (more profits and easy to scale) and keep them from upgrowing international scams.

How do we work: We partnered with top miner manufactures and top-level distributors, to move and store the products from were they were made to where the customers live. We encourage buyers to make local pick-up for quick authenticity checks and the fastest delivery speed. We don’t act as a traditional dealer who hires a lot of sales, which pushes up the product price. Instead, we only hire the essential people for sourcing, consulting, and logistics, for keeping the required operating margin low enough. We know that you only want the brand-new products, not a well-fed sales team.

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